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Getting your Real Estate Technology IN Order


As we all know in business, planning is everything! Ye you fails to plan, plans to fail! It happens everyday in small businesses. As a Realtor, technology is in constant change; one day it new technology, by the end of the month or the quarter, its not! So we know you build a “Business Plan”? Maybe that’s a large assumption? Well let’s make a technology plan that can aid in the efficiencies of running my real estate business. Step one, you cannot know everything that’s out there in the marketplace without going to technology courses throughout the month. Attending ANY technology class can and will be beneficial. Understanding that no matter how many years that you’ve been in the real estate market, technology evolves; if you don’t evolve with it, it will leave you behind! More important, your clients are looking for Realtors who embrace technology! This makes the clients job easier, because they now rely on their agent for everything in the buying or selling process! Rule, Take Technology Classes and absorb as much NEW content and Implement as quickly as possible!

IPAD 3 Setting the Market Pace Again

IPAD 2, IPAD 3 New Sale

 Apple’s new iPad proved to be another hot-seller on Friday, with hundreds queuing before dawn in Sydney to be the first to get their hands on the 4G-ready tablet computer as the company’s share price hit $600 for the first time. (Reuters)

Game Changer for the Techy Realtor

Samsung Slate PC 7

We are in an ever changing technology climate. We have choices to use IPhone, Android Phones, we also look to streamline ourselves in the field when with client, so Android Tablets and I Pad’s come into play. Year after teach we look to technology to change HOW we do business. We look to better our processes and integrate new and fresh idea’s, but are we looking at it as I need to have the latest and greatest..? Everyone else us using IPAD, so I must, or do we dig deep to find a game changer..?

Well, I think I have found a game changer! The Samsung Slate 7 PC, as Window Base Tablet environment. WOW! You can add all your typical software programs like Nitro PDF, AVG or Viper Virus Protection software. I gives me the feel that I like, it gives me the ability to use Windows Platform, it doesn’t make me change or lean a new system, (Google). The Samsung Slate even allows me to SAVE $$$! How you ask..?

Well, the price of a loaded Samsung Slate PC is around $1600.00, all the necessary parts included. It gives me the functionality of the PC, it’s the size of an IPAD, little bigger, but I don’t have to buy the IPAD, hence the savings of $600 + dollars! Now look at the APPS you DON’T have to purchase..? Saving, Savings! If your interested, reach out to us with your questions at

Best Android Tablets, there’s more that IPAD


The tablet revolution is upon us. Just a few years ago, we were using Desktops with big towers and big monitors. Over the last 6 years we have moved to the Laptop generation. Business looking to become “Portable”, Now with the Tablet Revolution, Apple has changed the marketplace, Android competes for market share. What does Android have to offer against IPAD? Take a look a the choices you have.  SEE….

Rumors of the IPAD 3 ….?

IPAD 3 Rumors...?

IPAD 3! We want it! Will buy it! When is it going to come out? Well in the next few months, as we get closer to the summer months, Apple is believed to be ready to unleash the IPAD 3. Check out some of the improvements! See more…..

New Samsung Slate PC

Tablet PC for Realtors

As  a realtor, your looking to make a change in your business, you’re looking to streamline HOW you do business. When in front of a customer, can you sign a contract? Can you get a document from a file while on the phone with a client? MORE...Tablet PC for Realtors

Which Tablet Fits by Business?

Tablets IPAD Android Motorola Toshiba

Top Tablets

One of the best alternatives to Apple’s iOS is the Google’s Android mobile OS, it’s considered to be one for the BEST for Android Smart Phones and Tablet computers. These devices are extremely similar in functionality and accessing apps, similar types of apps and processes. Unlike closed system of hardware and software of Apple’s, the open-source nature of Google’s Android OS makes it inviting for manufacturers to try their hand at making an Android-based device. That said, it’s a system that has been slow to bear fruit when it comes to viable competitors to the Apple iPad.  Check out my friends at to get some great reviews…..SEE MORE

How to use Twitter, Basics for NEW Users….?

You all need to watch this video about HOW to use Twitter from a a NEW user perspective. See more…

Apple Predictions for 2012

Apple 2012 Predictions

Apple will NOT launch a TV set for the IPAD. Will SIRI open itself up to other developers? Will it be the end of life for the Mac Pro? Apple to DITCH GOOGLE and go for Maps and will Apple launch a TRULY NEW IPhone in 2012.. That and more!

Choosing a GOOD Smart Phone

Picking a Smart Phone

You carry a smart phone almost everywhere, so it’s important that you find the model that’s right for you and one that works with your carrier of choice.  We’ve chosen five handsets that we think are the top cell phones right now in any category. Here my favorite tech site can HELP with that decision!

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