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New Technology Sources is your Small Business Resource for Growing your business with Technology! Technology is an ever changing environment. Our Consultative Role aids the businesses to take an Outside View of their business from a Technology perspective. This enables the business owner to see areas that need improving, plus way to make their businesses more efficient and effective.  Understanding our client’s needs enable us to research all facets of the business. This way our clients make the final choices for implementation of new technologies that will advance their businesses forward.  Training comes to the forefront of our services. New Technology Sources has a series of class that you may attend live or via webinar session to learn the “How”, “What” and “Why”! See Training for details

Consulting Services

Our goal to Consulting one’s business, is to look from outside in. This perspective allows us to see deficiencies and strengthens of the existing plan. Ultimately allowing us to see the missing pieces or flaws of the plan. Now we research the processes and applications, then bring to the client our recommendations to enhance their business, then our final step is begin implementation process.

  • Individual Consulting – May cover may topics
  • Individual Business Plan of Action – Looking at the Whole Structure of Technology
  • Individual Marketing Planning – Websites, PR, Social Networking, etc
Service Start at $99.99 – $110.00 per hour w/ 2 hour minimum

Google and SEO

Search Engine Optimization Services

  • One-on-One session to Learn SEO – $199.95
  • Build Title for Website – $15.00 per Title Build **
  • Search for Key Word & Key Phrases – $39.95 per hour
  • HTML or Content Changes – $39.95 per hour – Within WordPress
  • Video Title Building – $49.95 per Title, Description and Meta Tags
  • Video Uploading & Search Engine Optimization – $89.99 per video (multiple discount are available)

Training and Eduction

ios_hero  Asus Transformer Pad

IPAD & Android Pad Training

With our PAD Training program, our goal is to begin set up or complete set up of device.  Next step is to educate user on “HOW” to use and navigate through new device. We also will complete an hour long session of Application Download and Implementation. Understanding your business is key, we then complete a direct set up functional applications that will aid in the effectiveness and efficiently when utilizing the device. We will recommend a full Synchronization package to enable Wireless Syncing.

IPAD Training – $90.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)

Android Pad Training – $90.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)

iphone 6  silver

Smart Phone Training

With our Smart Phone Training program, our goal is to familiarize you with all facets of the device to enable full utilization. We will complete a full set up of each device, we will enable and set up all apps or applications for full access from the field. Once set up is complete, we will give out clients a full training session of available applications or APPS that may potentially enhance efficiency during specific tasks. We will recommend a full Synchronization package to enable Wireless Syncing.

Android Training – $95.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)

IPhone Training – $95.00 per hour (2 hour minimum)


Understanding HOW to Build a WordPress Website


WordPress Website & Blogs

WordPress is a powerful personal publishing platform, and it comes with a great set of features designed to make your experience as a publisher on the Internet as easy, pleasant and appealing as possible. We are proud to offer you distributedstandards-compliantfastlight personal publishing platform, with sensible default settings and features, and an extremely customizable core to bring out the essence of your business in Word Press!

We offer 3 semi – custom sites that will enhance your visible view of your business! We are using WordPress due to the fact,  it is extremely customizable and user friendly after the site is built, to make additions, subtractions or changes to your site. Ultimately, the built in SEO template makes for higher inflexibility within Google.


Custom Template, Drop Downs menus as needed, Home Page Image Rotators, 3 Static Blocks on Home Page, 4 Dynamic blocks on the home page, Custom Backgrounds, Custom color schemes, Closed or Open layouts, Classic or Modern Fonts, Current web standards of design, User Managed Logos, Easy SEO, Unlimited Pages, Blogs and News, Easy to manage WordPress, Mobile Friendly, for Realtors, Flex MLS Easy. Plus Plugin’s, Calendars and other applications within WordPress

Price start from $1200.00 with $65 per month

Custom WordPress Sites from $1800.00 to $3000.00

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