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Google Business Premier

It’s very simple! You use Outlook! You want to get your EMAIL, CONTACTS and CALENDAR to Automatically Sync to your iPhone or Android smart phone? We take Google Business Premier and Connect to your PC, iPhone and IPad or tablet device. Anytime, Anywhere synchronization. You also get 25 GB of Storage, All day Real Time Back Up! NO Advertising, NO Geo Tagging! Your account is NOT A FREE GMAIL account, it’s $50 per calendar year. You have access to ALL your files in Google Docs, you look and use your Outlook! Never do you have to log in and see your GMAIL Account, unless you are near ANY computer, you’ll be able to log in to view anything to the left. When you CHANGE something on ANY of the devices, it changes or modifies it ALL devices. NO CORDS, NO APPS. It’s ALL done for you by GOOGLE Certified Engineer in around 3 hours! All I need is the document , send it back, I’ll send you a link,, once you fill it out,you click and submit information to our engineer!


What is included with this package?

Support Calls Included 1.5 hours

Google Apps Domain Ownership Verification (HTML / CNAME).

MX Records Setup (Change Mail Server to google apps).

Custom URLs for your domain (eg:,,etc..)

– If need custom URL’s New Technology Sources CAN purchase via

Configure Calendar Sharing for your domain.

Instructions for Configuring Outlook & other Email Clients

Instructions for Configuring Mobiles

Bulk User creation

Configure Sharing & Security Settings for your domain name..

Google Business Sheet- Class Order Form


How Does this Work?

Send the following details to or to our Live Support Team.

Payment must be received prior to any migration!

Your domain name to be setup with Google Apps. more…

Your Google Apps admin login details (if already signup with google apps). more…

Your domain control panel login details with login URL. more…

Your hosting account control panel login details with login URL if any. more…

Special Instructions if any. more…

Once the following details are sent, Google Apps will be setup for your domain name and the details will be reverted back to your email address.

Setup generally take from 1 to 2 hours, may be longer.

 All information and content are not released nor shared, NTS reserves the right to modify and change policy at anytime. All client information is protected and private.


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