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Social Media, Social Sphere, Medai MarketingWhat NTS Social Media Can Do for YOU?

Just about every business has a place on the social sphere.  Handling social marketing to promote those businesses on that platform is something else. Most business owners try and slack off because of lack of time. Some just have no clue where to start. That’s why  NTS Social Media get asked “Do you know someone who can handle my Social Media”? If you’re asking that, this is  what you ask yourself, “Why should I hire someone to handle my social marketing and where should I look?”

Look NO Farther! Your businesses is very important to you; you need to have someone experienced handling your social marketing. With changes happening constantly, often without notice, it’s hard for business owners to keep up. I’m going to cut right to it. Here are four reasons you should hire someone…

  • NTS Social Media is dedicated to expanding your brand online.
    • NTS Social Media will be able to seek out new followers and fans within your Social World.  We market you and your business online to your network and friends with in your network, along with finding new friends or follower to add to your sphere.
  • NTS Social Media will convey relevant content on a weekly basis to your sphere about your business, your activities, your successes and accomplishments.
    • We Post your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn on occasion, we also build one video per month to share.  We will
  • NTS Social Media gives you’re time back! We need small bits of information and content periodically, but for the most part we learn your Area’s of Expertise, we work to expand your areas of real estate, we learn your strengths and tendencies. We then move that within your Social World helping you’re potential client see reasons to you use you over others. Information is Key!
  • NTS Social Media talks to Google! We pride ourselves and learning the key tips and tricks to enhance the visibility of your business to the world wide web. Our key is consistency and relevance in the subject matter we provide your prospective  views. We give them information they might not know how to get, or know where to get!
  • Oh, can a give you a 5th Reason? We do it for you! Out of site out of mind! We utilize all the marketing and branding tools we can to create a consistent presence across your platform. Our goal is to drive traffic back to your, your website, your social media. WE give client facts, up to date, current and relative content.

 Most importantly…

  • NTS Social Media frees your time, so you can focus on what you do best! Help clients buy and sell real estate! We just work with you to give them the content their looking for.

NTS Social Media Packages

  1. Blog Posts! We blog simple relevant information and direct clients back to specific spots within the Social Media Platform, naming your website! We place link-backs throughout the blog, funneling them to the content!
  2. Facebook Posts! We take Communities, Specific Neighborhoods, Market Information, Community Services you may do or belong to and build a sphere of relevant individuals that have an unstoppable interest in what your doing. No matter if they’re a current, past or present client, or one you haven’t found yet! We drive them to you!
  3. Twitter Posts – We will begin to follow other businesses, colleagues and groups. We then will post Knowledge Base Information, Activities, and Questions that your website, videos or other forms of marketing you might do for your business. We will add a link to drive traffic back to YOU!
  4. Google + – Google is ALWAYS WATCHING! Different people follow Google + than follow or post on Facebook, we will capture and drive followers and back-link them to you! Driving traffic to your Brand!
  5. YouTube – THE MOST IMPORTANT! NTS Social Media will make 1 video per month for your YouTube Channel! We will Title, Add a Comprehensive SEO’d Description and Meta Tags that speak to Google!

 Want NTS to Handle your Social Media? Let us do it for you, while YOU focus on your Business?

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