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Nationall Technology Training Courses

 New Technology Sources has compiled a strong Technology Based curriculum based around understand and implementing Technology. Our idea to break the technology down to it’s simplest component, the build your knowledge base from there. By doing this, invokes a sense of understanding of the New technology and then will allow you to accept what you learn quicker and more efficiently, so that your business can take advantage of the learned technology. Here are some of the classes New Technology Sources offers:

Android Tablet BASICS for Businesses

We will learn “How” to set up out tablet with the right tools to enable us to be more Efficient, Mobile in our day to day business. We will cover Applications from a business perspective. Learning apps that will enable us to access out files and/or documents on the go! Set up and Navigation of the Android Pad: Camera Function, Google Maps, Bookmarks, Multiple APP Boxes… plus Synchronization of E-Mail, Calendar, and Contacts. We will also cover Dropbox and/or Sugar Sync for document retrieval or back up. Bring in a document to “SIGN” from your Android Tablet! Can I take a document, sign it and send it? Plus much more!

Building a WordPress Website for Real Estate

Looking to “Re-Invent” yourself on the Internet? Need a Website? Want to update your Website?

Well in this class, you will learn WHY WordPress is the best way to build a NEW website. Designing it for Google and your NEW Prospective Clients. We will learn the Value of building a Successful Hierarchy for your website. Learning Headers H1, H2 and H3’s.

How to Properly insert LINKS and Link to RELEVANT content pertaining to your marketplace. How to properly infuse Key Words & Key Phrases into your “Title” & “Tag” so that Google will Properly “Index” the site for SEO.

You will learn HOW to set links and ADD Content Relevant to your individual cities, sub divisions and more.

We will also go into the Dashboard of WordPress, you WILL learn the Basics of Layout and Design within WordPress. How to do a Blog Post, HOW to create a Page, add new content, and links and pictures to your WordPress website.

How Create a site that will “Capture” the client and give them the right “Content” to stay, by “Guiding” them where “They” want to go!

Ultimately “Capturing” the client on your website! How to build “Links” and “Link Backs” with Social Networking Sites How to encompass RSS feeds to capture quality indexing by Google!

Building a Successful Real Estate
Technology Business Plan for 2013

No matter what experience level you are as an agent, your “Technology” or “Tool” are an essential piece of your business. Technology evolves very quickly and as Realtors, you need to ask yourself, “Do I have the Right Technology to efficiently run my business?”

Each year you “SPEND” time to build a business plan, we this class will help you build a “Technology Plan” for 2013. In this class we will cover the following:



3. Software…?


5. Alternatives to Docusign – Getting a “Wet Signature” all the time?

6. File Access Programs – Drop Box and Sugar Sync..?

7. Online Faxing Services..?

8. Signature Capture Applications for Laptops..?

9. Help Desk Services for AGENTS- Remote PC Repair…?

10. New Services Like: MRT

11. New Video Technology…?

12. Websites!

If you fail to build a Business Plan you’ll fail in business, but if you’re “Technology” can’t support your Business Plan, failure may be the only option. Eliminate the doubt; let’s show you HOW to make a “Successful” Technology Plan for your Success in an ever changing real estate world!

Building a Successful Social Media Plan

Building a Successful Social Networking Business plan is extremely difficult to grasp.

We ask ourselves, do we “Really” need to do all of this work, if its not going to bring me business? We will learn “How” to make a Successful Social Media Plan for your business.

In class, will build and brand YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn! We will “Dab” into Facebook.

Set up each account; enter proper information relevant to yourself and your business.

I will show you how to BLOG successful with Word Press, or a site such as Blogger.

Bring all your Social Media to “ONE” key point and accomplish all Posts and Uploads efficiently and effectively, leaving you full accessible to you “CLIENTS”!

Strategically Set Up the IPAD for Business

In order to utilize the IPAD to its fullest potential, you need to know “HOW” it works, so this IPAD class is just one of ma

If you’re New IPAD user, you may want to take IPAD for Beginners first! In order to utilize the IPAD to its fullest potential in your Real Estate business, you need to know “HOW” it works! This IPAD class is just one of many classes that will ENHANCE your knowledge and strengthen your understanding of becoming paperless. You will learn HOW to navigate through the device and strategically take your IPAD to the next level in your Real Estate Business! We will learn:

1. Set UP a Cloud File Management , plus File Back Up and Retrieval

2. Set UP IPAD with a Business APP Filing System

3. Segmenting Apps, Design APP Files

4. Learn Navigation of Device – Bookmarks, Setting ICONS,

5. Download “Business Essentials” APPS 20 +

6. Learn “HOW” to use each APP

7. Prepare IPAD for Mobile Flex MLS & Zipforms Icon (will not go into Flex or Zipforms)

8. Learn HOW to use Camera & Video for Real Estate

10. Integration of the Computer with IPAD and Smart Phone using Hosted Exchange or Google Business Premier – Getting your devices to communicate and sync seamlessly with E-Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Pictures, Anywhere, Anytime!

All of this and much more! Take your Investment and make it pay off! Be efficient!

any classes that will ENHANCE your knowledge and strengthen your understanding of becoming paperless.

ALL Day IPAD for Real Estate Implementation DAY!

Bring your laptops! Bring your cords! Today we are going to set up your IPAD.

This class is an Extensive HANDS ON class. Our goal is that you have your IPAD set up and configured to begin 2013 with a BANG!

In using the IPAD to become MORE efficient & Paperless, we will be doing the following:

Step One: We will cover the “Complete” Menu of applications that IPAD has, we will also go through the entire settings and menu option, so that you are educated and know where to go when needed.

Step Two: Setting up Business Structure of your IPAD. We will learn and Implement “Cloud Access” in PC along with IPAD

Step Three: Learn and Implement File Management System in PC and IPAD using “Sugar Sync” and / or Dropbox

Step Four: Set Up Online Faxing Service “App Set Up”…

Step Five: Learn and Implement “IBooks” Access Tool

Step Six: Implement TOP 10 Real Estate Apps for your Business! Learn HOW & What to do….

Step Seven: Set Up Flex MLS and Zip forms along with ARMLS in your IPAD

Step Eight: Create ICONS and File folder for your Real Estate Business Partners and all documents involved

Step Nine: Quick Tips and Tricks to easily navigate throughout the IPAD

BONUS! GET rid of Docusign! Get wet signatures for anyone for FREE! We will have a Q & A session at the end of class…

YouTube, IPAD & IMovie for Real Estate

This class was built to teach you HOW to make your IPAD your Camera & Video tool! Here’s what you’ll learn:

HOW to utilize ONE device taking advantage of quality camera functions the IPAD offers.

1. What I need to know about taking great pictures for video from my IPAD!

2. What equipment or accessories do I need..?

3. How to set up to take Pictures or Video..?

4. Taking a great Picture

5. Taking a great Video

6. Learn HOW to do a Stitch, a Transition

7. How to use IWorks within the IPAD utilize IWorks and IMovie to generate Video Business!

8. Do Voice Overs, Add Music, Learn HOW to dub a music background and voice over to upload directly to YouTube!

9. How to take and make a Small Movie with Pictures & Save It..?

10. How to take and make a video Movie & Save it…?

11. How to upload to YouTube and SEO Videos

Bonus – How to make simple videos from pictures to send to clients or family!

That and more! In IPAD Camera, Video and IWorks,

you will learn HOW to utilize your IPAD to it’s fullest potential when using the Camera and Video.

Beginners IPAD for Realtors


If you have received or purchased an IPAD and want to learn HOW to use the device, this class is for you.

Step One:

We will cover setting you ITUNES for back up, Navigating though ITUNES, Downloading Apps from ITUNES.

Step Two:

We will show you HOW to set up and use the device

Step Three:

We will learn HOW to download apps to the device, segment APPS.

Step Three:

Learn Bookmarking, Making ICONS, App Boxes

Also we will learn Face Time, Camera and Taking Video with your IPAD.

Plus Much More!

Setting Up Business Tools for Real Estate

Let’s take time to familiarize ourselves with Outlook from Microsoft, and Create a Simple File Management System, Set Up Access to ALL Files with Sugar Sync or Drop box! A Powerful Tool for Real Estate!

If you have your everyday laptop that runs your real estate business, bring it in! We want to Implement as much as possible!

We are going to learn the following:

-Simple Basics of Outlook –

– E-Mail, Calendar, and Contacts, Using Tricks to Help become more efficient – Access via IPAD or Smart Device as well!

-Developing are Transaction Tool within Outlook

-Alerts, Notes, Client Journal, Scheduling, Contact Management, IPAD, Android Synchronization

-Building a File System for Real Estate

-Buyers, Sellers, Personal, Templates, Property Photos, and more…..

How to Build a Winning Internet Presence

-Let WHAT Google Looks for when Marketing on the Internet.

-Learning the NEW Algorithm!

-Learn 3 Tools that help you with Google.

-Learn the advantages of Organic Placement.

-Diversify with Pay Per Click Strategies.

-Web presence with a FOCUS! How to make a Successful Site.

-Why make consistent changes to your Website?

Much More!

Real Estate Using – YouTube & QR Code getting Page 1

In the class Real Estate Using-YouTube & QR Codes getting Page 1, you’ll learn How to set up a Branded YouTube Channel. Learn How to Upload Videos, Edit Videos and the Importance of correct Titling, adding the right Descriptions and Key Word Infusing each video. We will learn How QR Codes work! You’ll all receive a FREE QR Code account. We’ll learn Why use QR Codes, How QR Codes can Track your Marketing, How to us YouTube with QR Codes. How to us FLEX MLS with QR Codes. We will also discuss and learn techniques of Shooting Video, proper cameras for your properties and informational videos. Lastly, let’s get your videos on Page 1 of Google! Plus much more!

Hands On – Websites & Google

Hands on! Bring your Laptops! Bring your Flip Cameras! We are going to build and add TOP Google criteria into your website. Build a Title, build descriptions and links, then we will ALL research Key Words and Key Phrases that will begin to make you more visible on the eyes of Google! We will show “How” to build / Upload a video, but most importantly, “How” do a SEO myself to be SEEN and become more relevant by GOOGLE! Lunch will be provided!

 Using Android for Real Estate

NEW CLASS! Let’s change HOW you do Business when you in the field! Android can enable you to have your OFFICE right in your hand?

Question is, do you want to learn HOW to make your IPHONE based smart-phone, smarter, more efficient and more effective in your business.

We will cover setting up your Android phone..

Add Applications, Download apps from Google Play.

Learn How to use Google Play, set up and navigation within your Android device.

You’ll learn how to make your Android an Internet Hot Spot without the carrier?

Get Access to ALL your Files, right when you need them.

We will Download APPS in class!

When we are done, you’ll use it as a “Smart Phone”, not just as a phone to call people.

Plus Much more!

iPhone 101

Let’s change HOW you do Business when you in the field! As a real estate agent, your IPHONE can enable you to have your OFFICE right in your hand?

If you don’t have your PC or IPAD with you, can you “STILL” run your business efficiently?

Come learn HOW to use and set up your IPhone! We will cover the following:

-Navigation of Device

-Set Up of Device

-Quality APPS for Real Estate

-Functional APPS to simply processes

-Synchronization to PC & IPAD

-Access to Files

-Set Up and use IBooks to sync with IPAD

-Video and Camera

-Using your IPhone as an Internet HOTSPOT!

Plus much more1





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