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Apple Stylus

New Smart pen patented by Apple

Apple has been granted a patent for a smart pen that could save what you write on a piece of paper, a whiteboard or even thin air and transmit it wirelessly to your phone or tablet. While similar devices like Live-scribe’s “smart pen” require special paper or a bulk form factor to house infrared lights, […]

Windows, Adroid Tablet with Projector

Lenovo’s Yoga Tablet 2 Series: Android, Windows and a Projector

Following on the heels of today’s Yoga 3 Pro announcement, Lenovo also unveiled several new Android- and Windows-based Yoga tablets: two 8-in tablets (one Android, one Windows), two 10-in tablets (same deal) and a 13-in Android tablet with a built-in projector. The tablets have (roughly) the same form factor as last year’s mid-ranged Yoga Android […]

Gesture Applications for Mobile Devices

App Promises Gesture Control

While touch screens have enabled smartphone manufacturers to increase screen real estate by ditching physical keyboards and other buttons, they do have a downside, with fingers often obscuring the display. Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a new app that overcomes this problem by bringing gesture control to mobile devices using their existing built-in camera. […]

Picking a Smart Phone

Choosing a GOOD Smart Phone

You carry a smart phone almost everywhere, so it’s important that you find the model that’s right for you and one that works with your carrier of choice.  We’ve chosen five handsets that we think are the top cell phones right now in any category. Here my favorite tech site can HELP with that […]


Apple iPhone 4S: behind the queues, the concerns

New Iphone 4s launch went off very well, especially with the Buzz of the NEW IMessage, competing against the Blackberry Messenger, Ibuzz has been well received.  But despite the queues and the positive reviews not everyone is convinced. Some users were unable to download iOS5 when demand was high, and others reported losing data when they did […]

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