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Game Changer for the Techy Realtor

Samsung Slate PC 7

We are in an ever changing technology climate. We have choices to use IPhone, Android Phones, we also look to streamline ourselves in the field when with client, so Android Tablets and I Pad’s come into play. Year after teach we look to technology to change HOW we do business. We look to better our processes and integrate new and fresh idea’s, but are we looking at it as I need to have the latest and greatest..? Everyone else us using IPAD, so I must, or do we dig deep to find a game changer..?

Well, I think I have found a game changer! The Samsung Slate 7 PC, as Window Base Tablet environment. WOW! You can add all your typical software programs like Nitro PDF, AVG or Viper Virus Protection software. I gives me the feel that I like, it gives me the ability to use Windows Platform, it doesn’t make me change or lean a new system, (Google). The Samsung Slate even allows me to SAVE $$$! How you ask..?

Well, the price of a loaded Samsung Slate PC is around $1600.00, all the necessary parts included. It gives me the functionality of the PC, it’s the size of an IPAD, little bigger, but I don’t have to buy the IPAD, hence the savings of $600 + dollars! Now look at the APPS you DON’T have to purchase..? Saving, Savings! If your interested, reach out to us with your questions at

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