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Apple Ipad or Android Pad

As an ever changing marketplace, the devices we choose to conduct business are “Essential”.  As small business we look to “Streamline” our processes, simplifying what we can do from the field, moving business forward during the business day. As devices are concerned, the Apple IPAD and the Android Honeycomb Pads have become an effective TOOL for our fast paced business lives. It’s no longer we have software for that, we now have an APP for that!

Understanding the operation features and functionality of “HOW” these devices work are not always embraced by the end user. they see a possible function or feature that may or may not work from them? Which device IPAD or Android PAD work for “MY” business? New Technology Sources can help and individual employee or employees of a companies learn “HOW” to set up and operate their devices effectively and efficiently.  Operation and set up their device are the biggest ways uses find excuses NOT to adopt new devices, applications or software, so New Technology Sources will enable your users to become technically inclined, instead of technically challenged. Schedule time to discover which device will help your business more efficiently and effectively before purchasing a device. Knowing the GOAL and USE of the device will enable your excitement to breed functionality!



Samsung Galaxy


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