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Getting your Real Estate Technology IN Order

As we all know in business, planning is everything! Ye you fails to plan, plans to fail! It happens everyday in small businesses. As a Realtor, technology is in constant change; one day it new technology, by the end of the month or the quarter, its not! So we know you build a “Business Plan”? […]

IPAD 3 Rumors...?

Rumors of the IPAD 3 ….?

IPAD 3! We want it! Will buy it! When is it going to come out? Well in the next few months, as we get closer to the summer months, Apple is believed to be ready to unleash the IPAD 3. Check out some of the improvements! See more…..

Tablet PC for Realtors

New Samsung Slate PC

As  a realtor, your looking to make a change in your business, you’re looking to streamline HOW you do business. When in front of a customer, can you sign a contract? Can you get a document from a file while on the phone with a client? MORE…

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