New iPhone for Christmas? You're not the only one, not by a long-shot. |

New iPhone for Christmas? You’re not the only one, not by a long-shot.


New iPhone for Christmas? You’re not the only one, not by a long-shot.

According to a new report by Flurry, 51.3% of new devices activated in the week of Christmas came with an Apple logo. This compares to 17.7% for Samsung, the leading Android manufacturer, and 5.8% for Nokia, whose smartphones generally run Windows Phone.

Flurry monitor device activations and app installs by utilizing the data it collects from over 600,000 apps. People generally become ‘install addicts’ when they first turn on a new device, lending the data some authority.

Apple’s entance into the ‘phablet’ space of large smartphones with their iPhone 6 Plus seems to have made a splash, with phablet activations growing from 4% last year to 13% this year. This increase appears to have come at the cost of full size tablets, which fell from 17% to 11%, rather than regular-sized smartphones.

Apple is more popular in the western world, while Android upstarts such as Xiaomi make more of a dent in more price-conscious Asian markets, where carrier subsidies are rarer. Consumers in these Android-friendly markets are much less likely to be buying new devices in this period, as they generally don’t celebrate Christmas.

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