Technology Partners

New Technology Sources

Our Partners of New Technology Sources are extremely important to our clients. We have listened to your wants and needs along with your wishes. They will bring cutting edge technology & training to your businesses. Each has been chosen to become Partners for the sole benefit of our clients. Our expectations at New Technology Sources is to bring Quality Services and Product that aid in benefiting our clients with technology, along with enabling their businesses to become technologically efficient, but cost effective as well. We are proud to now offer the following  PARTNER to our clients of New Technology Sources.               

It’s very simple! You use Outlook! You want to get your EMAIL, CONTACTS and CALENDAR to Automatically Sync to your iPhone or Android smart phone? We take Google Business Premier and Connect to your PC, iPhone and IPad or tablet device. Anytime, Anywhere synchronization. You also get 25 GB of Storage, All day Real Time Back Up! NO Advertising, NO Geo Tagging! Your account is NOT A FREE GMAIL account, it’s $50 per calendar year. You have access to ALL your files in Google Docs, you look and use your Outlook! Never do you have to log in and see your GMAIL Account, unless you are near ANY computer, you’ll be able to log in to view anything to the left. When you CHANGE something on ANY of the devices, it changes or modifies it ALL devices. NO CORDS, NO APPS. It’s ALL done for you by GOOGLE Certified Engineer in around 3 hours! All I need is the document , send it back, I’ll send you a link,, once you fill it out, click submit and send to engineer!

NEW – My Tech Team Support!

New Technology Sources is proud to launch our OWN “Remote” PC Repair Service you out Business Clients. We are very excited to bring a “High” level of Customer PC Support to a Business near You. Nationwide PC Repair dealing with Virus Protection, Malware,  Spyware, Malware and Viruses are designed to cause severe damage to the critical components of your computer. Our service is also handle Set Up and Maintenance, Installation, WiFi Set Up, Router Issues, Data Back Up, Data Security, Printer, Camera, Hardware Repair. Finally, we will provide small business a “Help Desk” environment to support there employees and much more! CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION

Offers a way for you to take your business to the next level with Phone Tag voice transcription service. Phone Tag automatically converts your voice mail into text and delivers it directly to your mobile phone, Blackberry, Android, IPhone device. Phone Tag automatically sends that same voice mail into your e-mailbox as well. This Ultimately gives you the ability to READ your voice mail anytime anywhere, NO jotting down the note with pin and paper, you now READ it! This saves you TIME & MONEY by instantly READING the message no matter if your in the CAR, in a Meeting, or at the office and you MISSED a call. Now Read your Voicemail on your IPAD, IPhone or anywhere you can read e-mail.