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Google-SEOWhere does your Internet Business Start? Yes, the search engines is where your potential visibility starts based off of the “Criteria” that is being searched for at any given time. The power of the Internet, is that IF you understanding the “Rules” of the Internet / Google, you can “organically” become visible on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo, Bing and more! The challenge is “Staying” on page 1.

There are many forms of SEO  or Search Engine Optimization to choose from. Understanding those various ways of SEO, is where the challenge begins.  New Technology Sources can help your small business learn HOW to take advantage by using the “Rules of Google” against them. Ultimately, we can create a Internet Marketing Plan that will be sustainable for long periods of time, maintaining your Page 1 on Google status.

Search Engine Optimization Services

Search for Key Word & Key Phrases – $35 per hour

HTML or Content Changes – $65 per hour

Video Title Building (YouTube) – Description and Meta Tags – $35 per Video

Video Uploading & Search Engine Optimization –  (multiple discount are available)

 All information and content are not released nor shared, NTS reserves the right to modify and change policy at anytime. All client information is protected and private.

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